When The Spirit Is Ready: The Music of Nick Lee

I started writing songs when I was 15 or so. I’d written musical ideas my entire life, but it was at that time in 2007 when I began adding some semblance of structure to the ideas. I shied away from releasing albums for the most part even though I recorded often. In fact I would say I spent more of my teenage years in front of my computer with a guitar strapped to my chest than I spent doing anything. The makeshift studio setting was a wonderful composition tool and I was able to push those infant ideas to their limits. The end result was always the same. I’d give a disc to some friends once every few years and then I’d go hide for a while.

When I was 19 I broke away from computer based recording. That was the age that I got into Springsteen. I wasn’t sure what his process was like and I didn’t want to know, but I figured he didn’t have a laptop with him when he wrote Darkness on The Edge of Town. Writing without a playback device was a very different beast entirely but it didn’t feel like I was back at square one nearly as much as it felt like a rebirth.

My approach to both writing and recording now is fairly whimsical. I never have to force myself to do it, it’s just what I do. I work on song for multiple hours every day and I record when I feel like it. None of it is a drag.

I’m two albums in this year. Help yourself to free copies from Bandcamp. If you want to pay top dollar for an otherwise free album, get Alcohol Is Gonna Kill Me Now on Itunes.